Bodacious Bucket Dog Bed in Coral Martini

Bodacious Bucket-Coral Martini [8310]
Bodacious Bucket-Coral Martini [8310]
Item# BBTCR-1001-CoralMartini-DD
Regular price: $164.00
Sale price: $139.00

Your heart will melt when you see your baby sleeping, preening, and cooing so comfortably in this generously overstuffed and extremely durable nesting bed. Combinations of the finest fabrics and faux fur shout over-the-top comfort and extravagance. Your baby will achieve maximum comfort and you will receive maximum joy admiring them. For as beautiful and intricate as this treasure is, keeping it clean is easy to maintain. Just pull off the cover and toss in the delicate cycle and air-dry.

Note: Fabrics subject to change without notice. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery on these custom products.