Decadent Digs Custom Collection

The Decadent Digs Fabric Collection for pets; here, you will find the highest standard in quality, construction, and most importantly, a dash of love is added to these products. Each dog bed design is handcrafted with the highest level of artistry and craftsmanship specifically developed with your interior design goals and most importantly, your baby’s comfort. Each treasure is specifically developed on an individual basis depending on our diverse array in clientele needs. Each bed is stuffed with our fabulous proprietary, non-flattening fill, soft and plush enough so that your babies lay comfortably, but durable enough to last a lifetime.

Each exquisite piece out of our line requires a fair amount of time to construct. Every piece is handmade and is worked on by many different hands of expertise. Note: Other custom fabrics can be requested or matched to your decor.

These fabrics and beds are so much more beautiful in person. The images do not provide the true elegance and beauty of these fabrics!