Precious Palaces Pagoda Pet Bed

Precious Palaces Pagoda Pet Bed

Precious Palaces Pagoda Pet Bed
Item# PagodaPalaces
The Precious Pagoda is inspired by the splendid traditions of Southeast Asia. The golden and raspberry brocade fabric, with green medallions, is accented by gold painted wooden bells and tasseled tie-backs. The increasing popularity from these cultures prompted the creation and design of this opulent palace. Any pet, regardless of breed, will look and feel elegant reclining in a Precious Pagoda.

The Pagoda is made in two parts for ease of cleaning and shipping. All palaces are custom designed with the pet and owners needs in mind. Clients may select from a range of fabrics, trims and finishes. This designer pet bed will provide the luxurious comfort that your pet deserves.

Fabric: Requires 5 yards.

Trim: Requires 10 yards.

No returns or exchanges, as this is a custom made product made especially for you. Craftsmanship and quality guaranteed. Shipped via white glove. Additonal freight charges will apply. Lead Time: Please allow 10 to 12 weeks for delivery.

Dimensions: 18"W. x 18"D. x 24"H or 22W. x 22D. x 24H
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