Bodacious Birdcage Pet Bed-One of a Kind

Bodacious Birdcage  Pet Bed-One of a Kind
Custom Bodacious Birdcage

We can have more like this created and it will be a one of a kind just for those that like unique and unreplicatedWe are sorry, butthis one is long gone! This is an example of a how a birdcage can be re-purposed into a pet bed. This was made for a special customer by designer Barbara Thulin. This particular unique birdcage was transformed into a bed for the comfort of a kitten during a wedding. Fluffy bedding and bolsters to snuggle into. It even has a jewelry bracelet lock to keep the kitten comfy and safe. To add to the party mood, a matching catnip toy has been created. If you have a favorite piece that you would like re-purposed and made into a one-of-a-kind piece, let us know! Pricing is based on specifications presented and customers budget.

Email us a picture of your product and your decor and we will have obtain swatches and examples from the designer and send to you for your viewing pleasure!
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