The Iconic Eiffel Tower - Customized Pet House

The Iconic Eiffel Tower - Customized Pet House

The Iconic Eiffel Tower - Customized Pet House
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The Iconic Eiffel Tower

A universal icon, the one pictured is 70" x 70" x 114" and has a 68" round bed. The bed has 4" of premium foam foundation with a 4" pillow topper in our premium fiber fill. Both are contained creating a unit so the foam can be unzipped and removed for laundering. The bed spread is a rich melody of 12" squares of velvets and plush fabrics in shades of black, gold, purple with a hint of silver. Some of the fabrics cost as much as $97.00 a yard. It has a giant lined round fitted cover with elastic. The entire bed is opulent and majestic.

Inside, it's an enclave feeling of many throw pillows and is extremely comfy. The curtains slide on black cord and are of wispy gold flecked deep eggplant purple organza. Over top of the sheer curtains, in each corner, are satin panels in a rich deep purple color trimmed gold bow brocade. They are held back with snaps by 5" wide satin bands trimmed in the same gold trim. One can stand inside on this bed because the ceiling is vaulted. The entire piece is painted with black lacquer.

The structure is constructed out of solid wood, mostly maple. There is no composite material or particle board used. It is painted in a high gloss black lacquer finish. The top is hand painted with gold leaf to emulate the Eiffel Tower and it is bejeweled in Swarovski crystals. This piece can be completely gold leafed and jeweled based on customer request.

Additional Information: The Eiffel Tower can be scaled up or down. We can also custom build this in redwood and do it in other colorways and Sunbrella fabrics for outdoor use. Price will be quoted. This breaks down into 8 pieces. It has to be freighted like a king size bed.

More Custom Inspirations! It can also be customized to be enclosed with glass, air conditioning, gold leafed, 14 feet tall and also can include lighting and electrical components.
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