Notre Palais Custom

Notre Palais Custom
Antique pieces-One of a kind pet palaces
Antique fine furniture used to re-purpose into a one of a kind pet palace. These are some of the types of antique furniture pieces available and are subject to change. Each item will be designed and decorated with high end fabrics and embellished with a celebrity style appeal. Price range $1200.00-$3500.00. The palace can be created based on the room that will accommodate the palace, just send us a picture of your room and our designer will splash it with fabric color, bedding and any accessories you have an expressed interest in placing with the palace. We don't charge designer consulting prices, it's included with creating the bed. Yea...we are that easy! These are custom made non-returnable and we have a 99.99% customer satisfaction on our custom designs. We guarantee the craftsmanship and high end quality that one would expect in a custom piece.

Barb The Designer
Barbs work has been recognized throughout the Los Angeles, CA area and the art districts of Arizona. Barb started her career as a High fashion commercial model, bouncing between Houston, Dallas, New York, New Jersey then finally Arizona. Barb has been in a number of commercials, bill boards, runways, packages, ads, annual reports, magazines and newspapers. She loves to create, refinish and splash her products with colorful high end fabrics.
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