Pet Carriers

Airline Pet Carrier Policies
If you're planning to travel with your dog on an airplane, and carry them in the cabin with you, read your airline's pet policies to be sure you comply with their current requirements regarding pet carriers.

NOTE: Many airlines are only accepting carriers that have metal crate hardware - no plastic fasteners. Please carefully read the descriptions on the carrier you're choosing for airline of choice.

Common Requirements
-Must be big enough for dog to stand up, turn around, and lie down naturally and comfortably in the kennel/carrier.

-Must fit under the seat directly in front of you.

-Dog cannot stick out from the carrier.

-Must be leak-proof, escape-proof and ventilated on at least 2 sides.

-Must not exceed specific dimensions, listed below for each airline.

-May need to have only metal crate hardware.

This list is for information assistance and to encourage you to check and research the airline of your choice before making a purchase. Each airline will post approved carried specifications.
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