<b>Cotton Candy Necklace for Dogs <br>(Matching Human Necklace Available!)</b>

Cotton Candy Necklace for Dogs
(Matching Human Necklace Available!)

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When you were a child and you attended the local fair, circus, or maybe even a birthday party in the park, you must remember hearing "cotton candy! Get your cotton candy!" Just imagine how incomplete those days would've been without the bouquet of colors, texture and gentle look of that sweet treat!
The design of this Cotton Candy necklace brings back that little element of joy with the features of colors and simplicity of that childhood staple.

With the exciting burst of 8mm round Neon Pink Magnesite, alongside the refreshing pop of 4mm round Turquoise Blue Magnesite, I know that your pup will be daydreaming of the cloud-like goodness that is cotton candy.

To help keep flavors locked in, the beads are strung on Sterling Silver jewelry-grade wire. Notice on each end of the necklace, how the Sterling Silver crimp covers reinforce and conceal the Sterling Silver crimps, which hold the beads securely in place.

We also hand select all of our beads to assure that they are not sharp, jagged or defective in any way. All beads are unique and may have a slight variance in color, pattern, and shape.

Donít see your dogís size? Please e-mail us for custom sizing requests.


Each necklace is also strength tested after creation to ensure it will last for years under normal wear. With that being said, we cannot guarantee any necklace will withstand being placed in a vice and pulled with a truck, or any other unusual, abnormal, crazy, savage use. No necklace will leave our shop that is not created to the utmost quality that we believe our customers deserve for their furry family members. We LOVE dogs.

Keep in mind dog parents- this is a jewelry-grade necklace made with sterling silver wire. As with any Sterling Silver or Tibetan Silver components, they will tarnish when exposed to the elements. Occasional polishing will be required to maintain the shine of the hardware. Do not leave your adorable furry friend unattended with any necklace and always use under supervision only. Our necklaces are not collars and are not meant to be used as a leash collar, tie-out, restraint or any other similar use. Our Dog necklaces are for ornamentation purposes only. Do not allow your pet to use any of our necklaces as a toy or allow them to chew or ingest any necklace or parts of any necklace.

Wolf Grace and their affiliates are not responsible or liable for any misuse of our necklaces. All responsibility lies with the furry friend owner, as with any pet item.
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